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Weekly Thought Starter #12: Handling Objections – The Basics & How to show your Enthusiasm!

Weekly Thought Starter #12: Handling Objections – The Basics & How to show your Enthusiasm!

Real Estate Action Group

Weekly Thought Starter #12:

March 20, 2017


“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”
— Winston Churchill


  1. Handling objections – the basics
  2. Have and show your Enthusiasm


Lots of good comments about last week’s “How to find investors ‘ piece. Thanks, all feedback is welcome.


We often talk about negotiation ‘tactics. The reason? In life we do not get what we want, we get what we negotiate.  We have a variety of systems that we tach at the REAW, but here is a brief review of some general principles.

  1. Listen

We have two ears and one mouth for a reason! When you feel the urge to jump in … Stop! Do not try to jump in at the beginning – this may cause further objection. When you interrupt them, you are objecting to their objection. Use active listening methods, nodding and physically showing interest.

They are trying to tell you something that will help you sell to them, which is a gift from them to you!

  1. Question

Questions, questions, questions. Ask questions. This not only shows you are interested in them, but it also gives you more information guiding you into how to proceed. As you question them, watch carefully for body language that gives you more information about what they are thinking and feeling.

Remember that this is not an interrogation, and that giving them the ‘third degree’ will turn them off. So keep your questions light and relevant.

  1. Think

Now before you dive into objection-handling, think! What methods will work best with them? The empathy approach? A direct and confrontational approach or should you use the soft-soap to finesse the situation? Thinking is a good thing where you are adding a little pause into the proceedings, thus demonstrating how you are taking their objection seriously.

  1. Handle

This stage may sometimes only be a few seconds after they object or it may require more time in the previous three steps. Now, when you are ready, use the objection-handling method that you believe will work best. Or make up your own. You are under no obligation to try and force-fit a method where it is unlikely to work.

  1. Check

Finally, check to find out whether your objection-handling worked! Ask if you have answered their question. Ask if there are any more concerns. As necessary, handle outstanding objections. Then go for the close.

Above all have and show your ENTHUSIASM!

“Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch.” – Ivern Ball

“The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps cool.”– William McFee



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