Weekly Thought Starter #13: You are the only one that can do it!

Weekly Thought Starter #13: You are the only one that can do it!

Real Estate Action Group

Weekly Thought Starter #13:

March 27, 2017

“Business? It’s quite simple. It’s other people’s money.”
— Alexandre Dumas the Younger


  1. You are the only one that can do it. Sorry…YES!
  2. Listen to your INNER voice
  3. Identify and list your personal strengths and have them handy
  4. Make that call, with your strength in front of you
  5. Don’t avoid what you fear…it’ll make your fear even stronger
  6. Visualize a Successful Call. Take charge! Take control!


There will come a time, when you have a hard time to get yourself going to make the phone calls that you need to make. The preparation you have to do … and the offers that need presenting.

It is human; to feel once in a while that it is too tough … or to experience fear of the call…you have a hard time picking up that phone.

However, the worst thing is to stop making calls, cutting out ads, stop going to open houses, stop calling realtors, stop making offers.

All averages numbers work only if you do your calls enough times to qualified people on an ongoing basis! When you avoid something out of fear, you only learn to fear it more.

Think about it … if you don’t make the calls … you increase your anxiety, which leads you to further avoid calls, which further heightens your anxiety.

Don’t be a so-called expert in his or her own shortcoming, rather sit down and evaluate your strengths.

Go back to the basics. You DO have a great opportunity for your potential customers. Get a clear picture of how you can offer value to the vendor or buyer – feel it – believe it or you’ll never be comfortable on the phone.

Go back to the basics:

  • Make a list of your personal strengths.
    Make a list the things you can do for your prospective buyer, seller, realtor, joint venture partners or PPPs.
    List the qualities that make you a good person to do a Joint Venture with.
    Then, list all of the benefits of your planned JV.
    Post these lists by the phone and give them a quick review before each call.

Keep your personal strengths in the front of your mind – that will help you to a fresher more upbeat perspective.

Remember, YOU represent opportunity to the prospect not an unwanted interruption!

  • Break your annual goals down to daily goals. Sometimes a large annual sales call goal can overwhelm us…but the ‘bite size’ daily call goal is much more easy to achieve.
  • Set manageable goals for each day, each part of the day, even each hour, if necessary. How many calls can you make before your coffee break? Before lunch? Before two o’clock? Set a target you’re sure you can hit. Then, focus only on that short-term goal, and prove to yourself that you can reach it.
  • After you reach that first target – and you will if you set it realistically – reward yourself. Really feel that sense of accomplishment. Then set goals for the next part of the day.

Keep your INNER VOICE quiet. Often before we even get started we have that little voice in our head:

  • “I’m not prepared for this call; I haven’t done all my research.”
    “I know I’m not as good on the phone as some other REAG member.”
    “Does my voice sound funny on the phone? I think so.”
    “I always stumble when I make my pitch.”
    “Maybe I’m just not cut-out for this real estate investment business.”
    Don’t listen to this nonsense. There are hundreds of thousands of people with accents, thousands who stumble, it doesn’t mean much.

    Think it through and when that inner voice says, “I’m not prepared for this call,” reply by writing: “I may not be fully prepared – who is – but I’ve done the basics.”

    Where the inner voice says, “I always stumble when I give my pitch,” reply by writing: “I may stumble sometimes, but I’m usually clear and concise.”

    Visualize a Successful Call

While we listen to motivational tapes, while we admire a positive person, a positive speaker, we often envision rejection unreasonably before we even start to call. Those INNER VOICES again.

Negative expectations, especially if vividly imagined, are often self-fulfilling prophecies. This happens for two reasons. First, such “visions” generate psychological stress, which impairs performance. Second, they act as mental rehearsals. The more you “rehearse” The terrible phone call in your imagination, the more likely you are to reproduce it in reality.

So, take charge! Take control! Visualize yourself dialing confidently, being greeted by a prospect open to your pitch, and getting that appointment. Rehearse this image over and over until it becomes habit. By reducing stress and setting positive expectations, active visualization will make those calls easier, and more successful.

Remember, the worst thing you can do, is stop preparing, calling By Owners, setting up JVs and PPPs…like that abandoned silver mine that yielded great riches to a new prospector who dug down just another 8 feet so is your next call ready to yield you the results you deserve.

If you can’t call for 5 hours, call for 1 hour and if you can’t call for an hour … call for at least 30 minutes, BUT DO MAKE CALLS EVERY DAY … and the law of numbers and constant spaced repetition will reward you.

Kevin O’Leary when asked how he  raised 128 million dollars said. I.Picked.U.The.Phone.

(The dots are his!)

Upwards and Onwards

Ralph and Ozzie

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1) PLEASE NOTE: Your next exciting meeting is Monday, April 10th, 2017 at 6:30 PM (sharp!). The meeting will be at: The Vancouver Alpen Club, 4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver.  If you are bringing a guest, please e-mail max@reag.ca.


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Action plan meetings are the foundation of your REAG membership. At these informal meetings, there are no wrong answers. Groups of approximately 10 members share their goals and develop specific 3- day “action plans” to bring them to reality. Earl Nightingale said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal”. At the action plan meetings, we celebrate small successes and acknowledge everyone’s progress. The idea is to keep focused on a monthly basis and get into action. It’s all part of the process of “growing into your future best”. Sign up today!

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