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Message from Ozzie Jurock

Dear Friend:

We are all full of resolutions. We resolve to stop smoking, lose weight, get a better job and of course THIS year, we will create that real estate investment – that investment that – over time- makes us independent of our boss and creates cash flow. Cash FLOW… Just thinking about an extra $2,000 or more a month, creating $100,000 or a $1,000,000 in equity … makes us feel good. We also glimpse the fact that it could be more than just a dream … but alas, then we remember that last year – we had the same resolutions … and we did not act. And then we sigh … and sit and make some half-hearted effort, we collect some information … and then … all of a sudden it is next year again.

Yes, we understand that investing in real estate is an ALL-Canadian pastime. 63% of us own or are paying off our own homes. Obviously we believe in the value of home ownership.

You see, we UNDERSTAND that investing in that first, second or third property is a good thing. We all know someone who made his mark in real estate. We all know that all wealth since the beginning of time was founded on real estate. We have listened to the nay-sayers all of our lives only to see them proven wrong every time.

But what is it that takes us from understanding the benefits, understanding that in this market of all time low interest rates and very tight vacancy rates…what is it that will take us into action?

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What we need is to get from only understanding into immediate and determined action!
We need to create a plan and then stick to it!


I know, I know, in this much touted new information age everybody actually has less time, more pressures and less certainty than ever before. To compete we need to look for change within – what we need is a breakthrough in our own thinking. A breakthrough that gets us to do something.

Over 25 years of independent real estate analysis, managing large corporations with 10,000 employees running large success teams I learnt that ALL people understand the benefits. In every seminar however I must also tell the audience, that less than 5% of the group in any room will actually put some of that understanding into action.

I have seen time and time again, that what we need is to have a plan that tells us what to do, where to do it, how to get started and then MOST IMPORTANTLY hold that plan accountable.

This is why I have created the BRAND NEW “REAL ESTATE ACTION WEEKEND“, which will help all of us get started … and then will CONTINUE to monitor our progress. But that’s not it – you will also have access to Ozzie by email for a year.

This is why I have created the powerful “REAL ESTATE ACTION GROUP

Why a Real Estate Action Weekend, why a REAL ESTATE ACTION GROUP?

Well, Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can!”

Make us do what we can!

The goal

To live a self-actualized life in a “Business as Unusual” new world. To breakthrough to a new future best self through creating a passive cash flow income.

Well, Bubba Watson has a coach, every basketball player has a coach, top producers – the world’s movers and shakers pay Anthony Robbins up to a million a month to be coached.

Let’s face it, if you keep doing what you have always done, you will have the results you have always had. Now is the time to change your results. Get into new fresh thinking, get into new action and better yet – get there fast.

Get into a Quantum Leap of action. Quantum Leap into real estate investment, into ownership, into building an income producing portfolio and do it in a professional real estate investing mentoring environment.

Why a Quantum Leap? We need to get ourselves out of the rut of ‘reacting’ to our circumstances and take charge. And taking charge by learning the secrets of identifying the right market area, the right type of properties and the right type of financing.

And we want to do it FAST.

Quantum leap defined:

  • Sudden or violent change: Revolution, sudden, radical, sweeping organic change. A jump, leap, plunge, jerk, start, explosion; spasm a storm. A clean, new model, a striking out with something new, a breaking with the past.
  • Quantum Leap going from first base to third. Getting into success fast – by skipping steps that others have to do.
  • Quantum Leaping – into ACTION! The real secret to wealth is developing a series of habits that will get you and keep you in action!
  • In the Real Estate Action Group you will learn to deliberately go out and make things happen.
  • We will learn to identify what you and then go and deliberately create it!

“90% of success – is just showing up!” -Woody Allen

We all live in the same ever-accelerating New World. Two-thirds of Canadians were worse off in 2015 than they were in 2000. One third is soaring – getting rich. Most of these get rich by buying real estate!

We instinctively know, that there is more that we could do, something totally different we should do, different aspects we should focus on. Other parts of our lives need discarding. But we don’t do it. We can’t break out of the mold. Call it a rut, call it ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ – call it ‘but I need this job’ thinking – deep down we know that there is a better self, a better future.

We all know what to do, we understand it, but we don’t do it.

The Real Estate Action Group will make us get into action!

The Real Estate Action Group will make us get into action!

What will I learn personally?

A system to create wealth through income producing properties.

  • Creating a new belief system. Yes, it is possible to create wealth quickly.
  • Understanding money.
  • Creating a laser beam focus on our own FUTURE BEST SELF.
  • Creating a commitment to action.
  • Understanding to FIRST create a plan, commit to it, perform to it and measure the results.
  • Learning all the secrets, targeted actions, and necessary nuts and bolts of real estate investment.
  • Creating a real estate investment money machine – making money while asleep.

Finding out: What kind of investor am I? A flipper, a shark, a creator of unearned income? All three or a combination of one or two will work? Which is best for me?

What method will I learn?

  • Techniques. No money down techniques, where to get 100% financing, How to find private investment capital, where to find a partner, where to find people with money.
  • What is the realistic goal for me PERSONALLY!
  • Marketplace – timing and trends. Which market place to pick, what timing in the real estate cycle, what trend in the local market. Cities and towns to buy in, cities and towns to avoid…
  • Deals – What represents good deals, how do I find them. How do I write the deals, how to protect my offer? Where to buy, what to buy, how to structure deals?
  • Professionals – Where to find Realtors that will write low offers. Where to find the mortgage brokers – the right property manager – the right tenant.
  • Which portfolio. What combination of rental properties.
  • Leverage – How to create a large portfolio of properties through leverage. How to create a ‘paper empire’ of second mortgages

Can I do it alone? Yes you could. Everyone is capable of massive breakthrough changes by themselves. Look back at your life and count your ‘ahas’. Breakthrough ‘ahas’. You wouldn’t be reading this if you hadn’t experienced a ‘leap’ in the past.

Will you? You answer that one! Would it be easier, if I met every month with a group of people that would coach me into action? Absolutely. A thinking group with an experienced mentor creates the framework for a powerful journey into action.

Napoleon Hill called it a ‘Mastermind Group’. But the Real Estate Action Group Breakthrough Thinking System is more than that. This new 2015 approach is designed to create breakthrough opportunities for investing in real estate in resource-rich meeting environments.

Some things never change. Some principles need to be understood first to effect breakthrough.

Some things never change. Some principles need to be understood first to effect breakthrough.


The Real Estate Action Group teaches:

Creating a new personal action focus through understanding of:

  • Mission and Vision – Create a personal vision and understand the difference
  • Values, Beliefs – Test yours. Are your current beliefs really yours?
  • Real Estate Action Focus Goals – Goals. A new approach to make them meaningful
  • Responsibility with Accountability – The secret is in here
  • Creating an unearned income strategy – Commit-Perform-Measure

The Real Estate Action Group will keep you alert to:

  • Creating new ways of income
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Self-training journey
  • Understanding is not learning. Training is an ongoing process of self-discovery that leads people to take effective action immediately.
  • Connectivity journey.
  • Together we are on a stronger journey.
  • Meet some of Canada’s real estate movers and shakers every month.


The Real Estate Action Group is led by Ozzie Jurock and Ralph Case personally. Mr. Jurock has operated large and powerful organizations with over $500 million in gross revenue, fast growing franchise systems and individual entrepreneurial business.

Mr. Jurock is the past president of Royal Lepage where he led some 7000 salespeople and 3000 in support.. In this capacity he led and participated in high-powered strategy ‘Think Tanks’ of the Trilon Group of companies. In fact the Royal LePage Mortgage was the most successful in-house branded mortgage generating over $1 billion in new mortgages in 3 years. “InfoHome” was the first massive in-house real estate computer listing service ever. Ozzie Jurock also brought in the very successful “Signs Now” franchise into Canada and created the FeatureWeb franchise world.

As president of Block Bros. Ozzie Jurock launched the first real estate listing service ever using the Internet through “Suzy”.

Ernst & Young invited him to sit as a judge for the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Vancouver Magazine featured him as one of Vancouver’s 45 brightest people, Peter C. Newman in his book TITANS called Ozzie Jurock a ‘real-estate guru’. Mark Victor HansonChicken Soup of the Soul – called him “One of the wisest money men alive today.” He is a best-selling author and operates an award winning Internet Design Company as well as three other highly successful companies.

There are few mentor groups chaired by people who actually do apply what they preach. Being part of the Real Estate Action Group gives you access to a large pool of knowledge based on running successful companies, small entrepreneurial enterprises and personal success human endeavor.

Take action now! Join the Real Estate Action Group and grow into your future best self
Call Nicole who will be very happy to answer all your questions about the course @ 604.717.6050 / 1.800.691.1183 or info@reag.ca

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If you don't know where to begin, then look no further! Ozzie and Ralph bring a wealth of knowledge. Educate yourself in the Real Estate industry and take action! Thank you Ozzie and Ralph for all you have done for me!

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