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Every week in North America, thousands of people take personal development courses. These courses concentrate on creating better lives, changing personalities, learning to invest in the stock market and learning to invest in real estate. People spend thousands of dollars, sit attentively, get excited and thoroughly understand the material presented. Ozzie Jurock, after managing thousands of sales people, management teams, franchise operators, and very productive people, found that understanding was simply not enough. No matter how much people told him they paid for this or that course, a few weeks later, they found the notes they took in the trunk of their car and they did not get into action.

This is why in 2002, Ozzie dedicated himself to create an environment where students could grow into their own future best selves through real estate investment action. The key word here is action. In fact Ozzie dedicated his life to moving people from just understanding into actually achieving worthwhile personal goals.

In 2009, real estate ace Ralph Case joined Ozzie as a partner, in 2018 Real Estate ace Brent Roberts joined as a major partner and together these leaders in the industry focus their strong belief in investment real estate action through leading by example.

The Real Estate Action Group Monthly then is an exclusive monthly group –  open to all those who want to create a better life for themselves through Real Estate investing. The focus is “getting into Clarity and Action“.

The leaders don’t just talk, they lead by example. Members get a chance to learn from their vast experience. They also get a chance to network and gain inspiration from hundreds of other successful investors within the group. What makes the leaders different? They do what they preach.

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  • Bought and sold over 3000 residential units in the last 10 years
  • Bought 220 units in 2013
  • Bought over 400 units in 2014
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Join this success system of teaching and learning specific techniques and systems:

  • Monthly action sessions (170 likeminded investors)
  • Coaching – action plan workshops – 4 times a month Review financial goals, start a plan, step by step “To-Dos”
  • Novice and expert conference calls or in person
  • Specific teaching events such as:
    • Black belt negotiation
    • Writing killer offers
    • Financing with or without banks
    • Recognizing deals and due diligence
    • Recognize a deal in 2 minutes
    • Tie up deals with zero risk
    • “No Limits” property management
  • Just to mention a few.

The Real Estate Action Group Monthly further provides:

High Profile Guest Speakers

High Profile Guest Speakers on all aspects of the real estate business and the economy. Leaders in property management, appraisal, home inspection, real estate sales, Commercial specialists, lawyers to structure several innovative methods … like lease – options, skip transfers etc.

48 Weekly Action Thought Starters

48 Weekly Action Thought Starters by e-mail to keep you focused. We have found that we all understand everything. Understanding is not the problem … getting into action and staying there … is! The Thought Starters are designed to keep you action focused.

The group meets to get into action

We strike joint ventures, where members with money join with members that have the time to find and manage properties. Individual members actively seek out opportunities to buy and sell real estate.

Real Estate Action Plan and Real Estate Action Book & CD Set

Get the Real Estate Action Plan and Real Estate Action Book & CD Set

Opportunities to present your deals

Opportunities to present your deals, or look for capital in a three-minute presentation to the members monthly

Monthly exercises

Monthly exercises on “how to choose the right duplex from several in the same area” , “How to read apartment building statements”, How to buy and Apartment building with no money down”, How to strata title a rental building and a hundred more topics .

Real Estate Expert Summit

Real Estate Expert Summit ($194 value)



Also get access to the Real Estate Action Group Monthly website:

Also get access to the Real Estate Action Group Monthly website:

* Post YOUR deals or look for cash – You can post your deals on a password protected website that is seen by several thousand people – REAG and JREI members.

* Get Real Estate market news from around the world. Forecasts, and newsfeeds.

* Resource section – from motivational material, to all documents relating to real estate…contracts, JV agreements, contact for professionals, member directory.

* Member’s Lounge – Sessions are held on the second Monday evening every month in Vancouver. Meet other members. We have meetings – after the session – for a cocktail every month meant to get us to mingle. We hold “how to negotiate” meetings from time to time. We have individual member Mentors to help you achieve your objectives. There are other sessions from time to time as well – such as our outlook conference in the fall.

Plus much more!

No walk-ins allowed.

Feedback from our attendees.

Real Estate Action Group
If you don't know where to begin, then look no further! Ozzie and Ralph bring a wealth of knowledge. Educate yourself in the Real Estate industry and take action! Thank you Ozzie and Ralph for all you have done for me!

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