Monthly Action Sessions

We strike joint ventures, where members with money join with members that have the time to find and manage properties. Individual members actively seek out opportunities to buy and sell real estate.

 Action Plan Workshops

The Real Estate Action Group Monthly led personally by Ozzie Jurock and Ralph Case. 4 Times a month, we review financial goals, start a plan, step by step “To-Dos” in a small workshop session.


 High Profile Guest Speakers

Leaders in property management, appraisal, home inspection, real estate sales, Commercial specialists, lawyers to structure several innovative methods … like lease – options, skip transfers etc.


 Specific teaching events

Examples of topics covered: Black belt negotiation, Writing killer offers, Financing with or without banks, Recognizing deals and due diligence, Recognize a deal in 2 minutes, Tie up deals with zero risk, “No Limits” property management

Why Join REAG

The Real Estate Action Group Monthly is an exclusive monthly group led personally by Ozzie Jurock and Ralph Case. It is open to all those who want to create a better life for themselves through Real Estate investing. The focus is “getting into Clarity and Action“.


REAG’s Exclusive Monthly Club

The Real Estate Action Group is an exclusive group lead by Ozzie Jurock and Ralph Case. The focus is Real Estate Investing. Membership includes monthly meetings, high profile guest speakers, mentoring, market forecasts, and much more! The goal is to create passive income for LIFE. We also teach how to flip properties for quick profit. In any market! Read more.

Feedback from our attendees.

Real Estate Action Group
If you don't know where to begin, then look no further! Ozzie and Ralph bring a wealth of knowledge. Educate yourself in the Real Estate industry and take action! Thank you Ozzie and Ralph for all you have done for me!

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